From CEO

Probably every site has "About" section with description of company's mission, goals and other bla-bla-bla stuff… Instead of it, SpyLance site has "From CEO" section. This is my personal message to all those entering the world of remote working/freelance/outsourcing, and to all people searching for a good job. :-)

How I decided to start freelance work

In August-September of 2012 my life was going to change seriously. On one hand I was searching for a new job, on the other hand I was going to become dad in October-November 2012.

Since I prefer focusing on reaching concrete goals, rather than just working from 10 till 18 o'clock, I opted for the companies which offer remote work and periodical offline meetings. However I did not find any interesting vacancies at that time.

So I got an idea to create my own team and try to fulfil our potential in freelance market.

I faced difficulties which are typical for all beginners:

My great communicative experience from the past and some basic skills in the field of development and administration allowed me to create portfolio-site quickly, to find the first job orders and to attract the first executors in my team.

In the result we formed a digital-agency which has further developed in IT company with a wide range of services.

However within the first 2,5 years me and my team have noticed one important problem which did not change over time: fast search for the necessary orders.

As a result, you open a project and … there are already plenty of responses … or … the executor has been already chosen. :-)

Even when we hired specific person who had to search for orders and was responsible for interaction with clients - Account Manager, he was not fast enough. His efficiency was very low, approaching zero.

We had to search for something new. In 2009 I visited exhibition of modern arts where one of video-installations showed that we live in a century overloaded with information (video coverage with twenty roll titles or so).

In 2015 we decided to create SpyLance project which would allow everyone to have a personal spy-assistant!

Using this service now:

We made our service really convenient for everyone in order to solve the difficulties of both beginner and professional!

SpyLance is our aspiration to make work search pleasant and effective, and the freelance market - more humane!

We would be glad to get any Feedback from you (and of course to thank you for it) which could allow us to improve SpyLance service.

22.03.15 SpyLance got $10K from GVA LaunchGurus for project acceleration. Startup was presented in Silicon Valley (California, USA), Beijing (China) and Skolkovo (Moscow, Russia). Accelerator and investment fund Plug&Play in Silicon Valley paid much interest and attention to SpyLance. Currently SpyLance is looking for investments in seed round.

Mikhail Khusainov,
Co-founder, CEO,