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Summer tasty things from SpyLance!

Posted: 2015-08-12 13:00:34

We had started publishing of live freelancer reviews on our site! We are proud that freelancers from different countries use our service!

Technical update!

  • Quick load of projects on smartphones.
  • Design of main page was improved.
  • New section “PROMO-codes" in “Account" section.
  • “Projects" button is now on the top for quick access.
  • Now you can enter only e-mail in order to sign up.
  • Buttons 88x31 for partner program. Just copy and paste code in right place.
  • “Bookmarks" section is combined now with “Projects" section.
  • You can edit your personal published projects on SpyLance.

Don't forget about our partner program, you can earn with it 10-20% commissions of payments by referred users of SpyLance.

Earn money with SpyLance!

Posted: 2015-07-26 15:43:28

Our latest updates:

30 days of FREE access to PRO-options of SpyLance for everyone (promo action till 4th of august)!

Yes! Now everyone who will register in our service, gets access for 30 days to PRO-options absolutely for FREE!

However we reserve the existing bonus program for our clients!

And… Also everyone who was registerd before will get 30 days of FREE acces to PRO-options!

We have a new partner program!

For the last month many clients asked us to get opportunity of EARNING money together with SpyLance! And i'm happy to introduce you our new partner program:

  • You'll earn 20% commissions reward from the first payment of EACH reffered client.
  • You'll earn 10% commissions reward from the next payments of your reffered clients.

For example, if 10 reffered clients buy PRO-account, then you ern: $4.99*10*0.2 = $9.98. The next month, when they pay for their PRO, you'll earn $4.99.

  • You can reffer unlimited number of clients!
  • Your rewards are not limited by anything!
  • You have to activate your own PRO-account in order to activate your partner program and get rewards.
  • You can withdraw money from partner account using PayPal, WebMoney, QIWI.

And of course we have another technical update.

  • New marketplace for designers ilconte.ru has been added.
  • Enhanced options for elance.com marketplace:
    • response to offer without going to marketplace;
    • offer category;
    • requirements of customer;
    • project type (vacancy / competition / project / hourly rate);
    • offer status.

We would like to know, platform of SpyLance mobile app is more priority for you? You can answer HERE.

Let's make freelance market comfortable, convenient and effective together!


Posted: 2015-07-11 12:40:27

  • Fixed bugs.
  • guru.com marketplace added to FREE functional.
  • Sections «Filters», «Projects», «Search» are combined into one: «Projects».
  • New type of filter - time filter (watching offers for the last hour / 3 hours / 6 hours / 12 hours / 24 hours / all time).

Hot news from SpyLance

Posted: 2015-07-06 17:45:09

We had showed over 1 million offers from the customers!

We have a big update of our service:

  • Fixed bugs / general improvements.
  • Now you are getting offers also from following marketplaces: craiglist.org, work-zilla.com.
  • Display of customer requirements in project.
  • Dashboard. Here you can get general information about SpyLance and your account.
  • Now you can get upto 12 days of FREE access to PRO-options due to our bonus program!
  • «Settings» section is combined now with «Filters» section.
  • «TOP» button is added.

We are conducting a survey for our dear customers!

Take one minute of your time in order to get FREE 1 month access to PRO-options SpyLance!

We need your feedback to improve SpyLance!

Take part in the survey

Global Update!

Posted: 2015-05-21 12:51:31

New design of the home page.

  • New design of the menu.
  • Possibility to pay by PayPal.
  • Possibility to post jobs/projects accounts on SpyLance.
  • Possibility of linking FL.ru account to spylance account.
  • Responses to FL.ru / spylance.com projects just on our platform.
  • Display of requirements for projects at FL.ru. It is very convenient function, especially if you need to see whether PRO account is necessary or not to response the offer.
  • Display of project categories for FL.ru offers.
  • Visibility of projects which the user has recently reviewed (graying of projects).
  • Automatic saving of filter settings without pressing OK button.
  • Authorization through login OR email. Now registration without login.
  • Filter settings are transferred to Filters section.